Saturday, 27 February 2010

Today it is windy

Hello everybody!

This week in 4ºB we are studying the time in English.
This link takes you to a video to practise the time.
Here is a website with lots of games to practise the time.

We are also studying GOING TO.

What are YOU going to do today?

I am going to look on Internet for exercises for my classes.
I am going to look on Internet for videos for Social Studies lessons.
I am going to make a cup of tea at quarter to six.
I am going to telephone my Mam at six o'clock.
I am going to read a book at half past six.
I am going to cook dinner at half past eight.
I am going to watch television at ten o'clock.
I am going to go to bed at half past eleven.

Carlota is going to study at six o'clock.
Carlota is going to play at seven o'clock.
José and Fran are going to play basketball on the Wii at half past five.
Fran is going to wash the dishes at half past nine.


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