Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Saint Patrick's Day is on THURSAY 17TH MARCH

On Thursday we are going to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day at CARLOS RUIZ School.

On Saint Patrick's Day it is traditional to wear something green.
Everyone in CARLOS RUIZ SCHOOL is going to wear something GREEN on Thursday.
Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.
He was born in 389 in Banwen in WALES.
His name was Maewyn Succat.
He was the son of a rich man.
He was captured and taken by pirates to Ireland.
The pirates took him to Northern Ireland, where he looked after sheep and pigs near to Mount Slemish in Country Antrim. He was a slave for 6 years.
He escaped and went on a ship to France.
He stayed at a monastery on a beautiful French island in the Mediterranean Sea in the town of Lérins.
He returned to Britain.
He had visions teling him to convert the Irish to Christianity.
His mother and father did not want Patrick to leave to study but he returned to France to study at a city South of Paris called Auxerre. He became a bishop.
He arrived in Ireland in 432.
He converted the Irish to Christianity in Eire (Ireland) and in Northern Ireland.
He returned to Rome from 441 to 443.
He founded a church in Armagh in Northern Ireland.
He died on 17th March 461 in Downpatrick. Downpatrick is in Northern Ireland.

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