Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone!

It is fantastic to be on holiday. It is great to get up at 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock...
Also, today it was sunny, like a spring day.

What are you doing?

This is what I have been doing:

On Saturday morning I went to the shops to buy food: fish, meat, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes etc........
On Saturday afternoon I went to the hairdresser's and I went out with friends.

Today I talked on the 'phone with a lot of people. I cleaned the house and I cooked.
I read a book.I also played Cluedo with José and Carlota. This afternoon I watched television and played Connect 4 and sudoku games on my phone at the same time.

On Christmas Eve ( 24th December), we are going to go to Madrid. We are going to have dinner with my husband's family.

My family in England
My family are in WORKINGTON, Cumbria, which is in Northern England.
Today in Workington, it is 9ºC, and it is going to rain all week.
We go to England at Easter. The weather is nicer at Easter.

In England we have lunch together on Christmas Day. For starters, my Mam always makes prawn cocktail ( coktel de gambas). The main course is roast turkey with lots of vegetables. For dessert, we have Christmas pudding.We also pull crackers.

Homework : 3ºA, 3ºB, 4ºA,4ºB, 5ºA,5ºB, 6º A &6ºB:

During the holidays, it is a good idea to practise the CD-Rom for Units 1, 2 3 and 4.

I suggest you practise the CD Rom 7 times x 30 minutes. Normally you don't have much time to practise the CDRom and it is excellent to help you learn and practise English:

  • Wednesday 26th December
  • Thursday 27th December
  • Friday 28th December 
  • Monday 31st December
  • Wednesday 2nd January
  • Thursday 3rd January
  • Friday 4th January

Here is the homework from ANA BELÉN, ( Alumnos de 5ºB):

A todos/as los padres/madres de los alumnos/as de 5º B.

La hoja grabada en las notas como nota informativa de trabajo para las vacaciones, es una mera recomendación sobre lo que pueden hacer sus hijos durante este periodo vacacional.

Los alumnos/as, única y exclusivamente deben entregarme a la vuelta:
            -El cuadernillo tema 6 y 7.
            -El glosario de los temas (hoja grapada) escrito en el cuaderno de conceptos.
            -Frases de lenguaje, análisis de los artículos, sustantivos y los adjetivos (que se hará en esa misma hoja).
            -Resumen de un libro (les entregué una única hoja de resumen a cada uno).

Todo lo demás son recomendaciones (recomendaciones para todas las asignaturas: lenguaje, matemáticas, conocimiento del medio, plástica, música e inglés, durante siete días no los 17 días de vacaciones) para no perder el hábito de trabajo, pero queda a vuestro criterio que lo hagan o no.

Vuelvo a insistirles que cualquier duda o aclaración se pongan en contacto conmigo mediante la agenda (ya sea para contestarles ahí o en una cita personal).


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