Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Today was hot hot hot hot!! On Sunday it was HOTTER!

I am here next to my computer drinking TEA. English people LOVE tea!

I talked to some parents today, I helped a teacher prepare for an exam (oposición en inglés) and I organised the English classroom.

What did you do today?

This afternoon I am going to go to Xanadú to the bookshop with Carlota and José. We are going to buy 2 books : one for Carlota and one for José. Carlota likes Gerónimo Stilton.

I am reading a book called " El Profesor" by the Irish author Frank McCourt ( the author of "Las cenizas de Ángela". Frank McCourt is a teacher. I read in Spanish to make my Spanish better.

What books do you like?

I also want to look at clothes in the SALES (las rebajas) in 2 or 3 shops.

I would like a new dress!

Next Friday ( 8th July) we are going to see my family in England. It is nice and cool in England now :) We love to go to England.

I enjoy talking to my Mam and drinking cups of tea. I see my friends too. I like to go for walks by the lakes and the sea and I like to watch the television too. There are lots of NEW TV programmes when I go "home".

Well, no news about the Language Immersion Project for 6th graders yet.

The Comunidad de Madrid said they would let us know by the end of June/ early July: they are LATE!

See you later, alligator!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

REUNIONES Fin de curso, las vacaciones y el primer día del curso 2011/2012

Ya hemos llegado al final del curso. Cómo siempre, ofrezco una forma eficaz de solicitar una cita conmigo: a través del WIKI de inglés

Entrar, pinchar EDITAR ( edit), elegir la hora que más os convenga , rellenar nombre y apellido de tu hijo y pinchar GUARDAR ( save).

Recomiendo para las vacaciones:
  1. Escuchar y jugar con el CD Rom del curso que acabas de terminar
  2. Comprar y realizar el libro de vacaciones de Santillana para inglés
3º Super Summer 3º Inglés

4º Super Summer 4º Inglés

5º Super Sumer 5º Inglés

6º Super Summer 6º Inglés

Tus padres deben recortar la clave para que no caigáis en la tentación de copiarla. Con la clave , tus padres pueden comprobar a diario si lo estási haciendo correctamente.

PRIMER DÍA DEL CURSO = LUNES 12 de septiembre


Thursday, 16 June 2011

ANTES DE LAS VACACIONES NOS VAN A DECIR si hemos conseguido una semana de inmersión lingüística

Boys and girls of 5th grade:

I called the Ministry of Educationtoday at 13:05 and the lady said thay the Comunidad de Madrid is going to make the decision.
The lady in the Comunidad de Madrid said that they are going to inform us BEFORE the holidays.

Tomorrow morning I am going to telephone again.

REMEMBER : exams next week!: cuentan para el curso próximo, ya que he puesto las notas para 5º. Me conocéis y sabéis que voy a guardar la información en el ordenador.

5th GRADE : CONTROL 7 5ºA & 5ºB Monday 20th June
4th GRADE: CONTROL 4ºA - Monday 20th June 4ºB - Tuesday 21st June
3rd GRADE : CONTROL 3ºB Wednesday 22nd June

Sunday, 12 June 2011

English Project Autumn 2011

Hello boys and girls,

We have no news yet. (No sabemos nada aún)
We are still waiting to get the results about the English project.
We will put the information on the blog as soon as we find out (en cuanto lo sepamos).
This is a national project, organised the Ministry of Education.

One group of 25 students ( 50% girls/ 50% boys) from one school in one autonomous community plus another group will spend one week in a different autonomous community with 5 native teachers plus 2 English teachers from each school. All the activities are designed to promote oral fluency: to practise speaking in English for the entire week. The activities take place during one week between 3rd October and the end of November 2011.

Lola ( 3ºB teacher and English specialist) and I are both excited. We hope to win a place for 25 students of 6ºA and 6ºB. It will be a difficult decision selecting the students who will go on this fantastic trip.

We will inform you as soon as we find out if we have a place.

Have a good Sunday,



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