Thursday, 16 June 2011

ANTES DE LAS VACACIONES NOS VAN A DECIR si hemos conseguido una semana de inmersión lingüística

Boys and girls of 5th grade:

I called the Ministry of Educationtoday at 13:05 and the lady said thay the Comunidad de Madrid is going to make the decision.
The lady in the Comunidad de Madrid said that they are going to inform us BEFORE the holidays.

Tomorrow morning I am going to telephone again.

REMEMBER : exams next week!: cuentan para el curso próximo, ya que he puesto las notas para 5º. Me conocéis y sabéis que voy a guardar la información en el ordenador.

5th GRADE : CONTROL 7 5ºA & 5ºB Monday 20th June
4th GRADE: CONTROL 4ºA - Monday 20th June 4ºB - Tuesday 21st June
3rd GRADE : CONTROL 3ºB Wednesday 22nd June

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