Thursday, 7 November 2013

Next week you are going to have unit 2 tests.

 Here is the calendar for the tests:

MONDAY  11th November
9:00 5ºA
10:00 3ºA
12:15 5ºB

TUESDAY 12th November
10:00 3ºB

THURSDAY 14th November
10.00 6ºA
12:15 6ºB

Clink on the link at the side TEST PREPARATION SHEETS

3º A B : I can / I can't smell, see, hear, taste, smell.
Ears, eyes, nose, tongue, fingers, toes, skin.

5ºAB: present simple affirmative, negative & interrogative
 Animals. sleep, live, fly, run, swim, eat.

6ºAB : to be going to + verb ( FUTURE)
I am, you are , he/she/it is, we/they / you are going to + VERB
I am NOT going to, you aren't going to, he isn't going to, we aren't going to, they aren't going to
Am I going to sleep? Are you going to listen? Is he going to do the homework? Is she going to write?
Are we going to read? Are they going to look at the teacher?
TV programmes.
The time: half past, quarter past, quarter to, 10 past, 5 past, 20 past, 25 past, 25 to, 20 to, 10 to and 5 to....

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hello kids! We are now in the month of October with the new school timetable. Remember: Lesson 1 : 9.00 to 10.00 Lesson 2 : 10.00-11.00 Lesson 3 : 11.00- 11.45 BREAK : 11.45-12.15 Lesson 4 : 12.15-13.15 Lesson 5 : 13.15- 14.00 We are finishing unit 1, and this week you are going to do the unit 1 tests. Here are the TEST DATES: WEDNESDAY 9TH OCTOBER: 13.15 5ºB THURSDAY 10TH OCTOBER . 12.15 : 6ºB FRIDAY 11TH OCTOBER : 9.00 6ºA 10.00 5º A 11.00 3ºA 12.15 3ºB UNIT 1 CONTENTS 3ºAB: a) Family members b) School : people, places, school subjects c) Sh / s phonics d) She's the class teacher. He's the caretaker. Jack is Lily's brother. UNIT 1 CONTENTS 5ºAB: 1)Body parts 2) Parts of the face 3) have got/ has got / haven't got/ hasn't got 4) paly / go / do with activities 5) Phonics sound ou / ei UNIT 1 6ºAB: 1) There is / there are ( repaso de 4º y 5º) 2) Present continuous ( repaso de 4º y 5º) 3) Weather vocab ( temperature, humidity, sunny/ cloudy/ raining etc.) 4) Clothes 5) Objects in the house ( radiator, curtains, etc.) Here is the link:" target="_blank">TEST PREPARATION SHEETS CLICK ON THE LINK ( PINCHA EN EL ENLACE DE SIEMPRE)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

We are finishing UNIT 8. Here are the final test dates...

School is almost finished for summer.
 School ends on TUESDAY 25th JUNE.... for the kids.
The teachers finish on FRIDAY 28th JUNE.

Please click on the link and select a time if you want to talk to me .

 Here are the EXAM DATES FOR UNIT 8:

Here is the link to the TEST PREPARATION SHEETS
(Monday 3rd June : 4ºA already did the test)
MONDAY 10TH JUNE: 6ºA   9:00

TUESDAY 11TH JUNE : 5ºA : 9:00   5ºB : 9:40

THURSDAY 13TH JUNE 3ºA : 9:00  4ºB: 11:40

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hi kids!

I am writing to wish you all a GREAT long weekend.
I think it is a good idea to practise the CD Rom for Sparks this weekend, if you are in 4ºB, 3ºA, 5ºA & 5ºB.

Have fun.
Remember there is going to be a medieval market in El Álamo this weekend.
BFN!   (= Bye for now)



Tuesday 7th May  :PRUEBA DE C.D.I. para 6ºA & B  

Wednesday  8th May: 5ºB
Thursday 9th May : 5ºA    &  4ºB
Friday 10th May : 3ºA

(Wednesday 15th May : FIESTA DE SAN  ISIDRO)

Thursday 16th May : 6ºA    

 5ºA : finish exercise 12 in the Activity Book   ( 5-10 minutes) 
4ºA. Finish the dictionary with the cut-outs from units 1 & 2    ( 15-20 minutes)
(terminar el diccionario en tu cuaderno con los recortables para las unidades 1 & 2)
3ºA. Finish exercise 16 in the Activity Book:  write objects that are transparent, flexible, waterproof, hard, strong and heavy. ( rellenar los huecos con objetos)    ( 10-15 minutes)
6ºA. There is no homework.
5ºB : There is no homework

 This is a short video with a good simple message.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Another FUN VIDEO for you: This video uses words about PASTA.  


6th grade have UNIT 6 TEST on MONDAY

Here is a song that 6th grade are practising with the Music teacher, Ana Belén.( I realise that the translation is into Italian but I like this video because I love the film SHREK).:

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Here are the dates for the UNIT 6 TESTS:

  Tuesday 9th April
11:30 3ºA

 Wednesday 10th April
9:30 5ºB

Thursday 11th April
12:00 5ºA

Monday 15th April
9:30 6ºA


Here is a crazy video I like:

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Have a good weekend!

Here is a video I showed  to the kids in 6th grade today: NASA Johnson Style

NASA Johnson Style Chorus   ( =estribillo)

This is ground (Hey!)
And this is space (Hey!)
Tell me Houston what's the problem?
It's okay! (Hey!)
It's okay! (Hey!)
Because there's flight controllers on the job today
NASA Johnson style! Johnson style!
NA, NA, NA, NA NASA Johnson style!
Johnson STYLE!
NA, NA, NA, NA NASA Johnson style!

EYYYYYY science daily!
NA, NA, NA, NA, NASA Johnson style!
EYYYYYY it's amazing!
NA, NA, NA, NA NASA Johnson style!

Friday, 22 February 2013



Click on the link  TEST PREPARATION SHEETS. 

Here are the dates for the exams for UNIT 5:

Wednesday  27th February   
9.30 5ºB

Thursday 28th February 
9.30 3ºA
10.30  4ºA
12.00 5ºA
15.00 4ºB

Monday 4th March 
9.30    6ºA


3ºAB: There is a / There aresome . Animals & plants from the desert/ The countryside
4ºAB:   PRESENT SIMPLE  He sells/ she doesn't sell
5ºAB : Comparitives/ Superlatives; there is a /some;  there are some, There isn't a / there isn't any, there aren't any
6ºAB  PAST SIMPLE : affirmative, negative, interrogative ( regular & irregular verbs)

Monday, 11 February 2013

In February we are doing UNIT 5

It is February and it is going to be Saint Valentine's day on Friday.
February 14th is a day to celebrate love.
In many countries,we give chocolates, flowers and cards.

In the UK, there are many shops that sell cards. We send a lot of cards: cards for bithdays, anniversaries, weddings, communions, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas cards, cards to say sorry and Valentines' cards.
I am from Workington. The population of Workington is approximately 25,000 epople.
Workington is similar in size to Navalcarnero, yet in my town there are 3 shops that sell cards:
Clinton's Cards, Alison's Attic and Kiss Cards.

Here is something fun to do:

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

UNIT 4 EXAMSThis week we are going to do unit 4 exams.
 Here are the dates:

Wednesday 30th January:
5ºB 9:30
6ºA 10:30
4ºB  12:00

Thursday 31st January
10:30 4ºA
12:00 5ºA

Friday 1st February
12:00 3ºA

3ºA & 3ºB:  Unit 4 ANIMALS.....They have got feathers, fins, legs, paws, scales, a tail, fur, antennae.....
It can swim. It can fly. It can run.....

4ºA& 4º B: FOOD : There is some bread. There is an orange. There is a banana. There are some apples.
 Peel, mash, cut, pour away the water, add the butter.....

5ºA & 5º B : FOOD : how much / how many. PRESENT SIMPLE  ( negative & affirmative).  Verbs : need, grow, plant, eat....
 ( NO VOY A EXAMINAR to be going to con 5º A & B)

6º A & 6º B: PRESENT SIMPLE ( negative, affirmative, interrogative), CAN, HAVE GOT, IS/ are MADE OF.... plastic, metal, wood, glass, wax, paper...cut, tear, crush, mash, fold.........

Click on the link  TEST PREPARATION SHEETS. 

VIDEO for 5th grade : We don't need money to have a good time ( The Subways)