Sunday, 16 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello kids,

Happy 20111 ( Happy twenty eleven)
Remember we say the years like this:
2000 two thousand
2001 two thousand and one
2002 two thousand and two
2003 two thousand and three
2004 two thousand and four
2005 two thousand and five
2006 two thousand and six
2007 two thousand and seven
2008 two thousand and eight
2009 tow thousand and nine
2010 twenty ten
2011 twenty eleven
2012 twenty twelve...........

When are you going to be 15 ? In which year?
When are you going to be 20? In which year?
When are you going to be 30? In which year?

I am English, from a town in the North : WORKINGTON, in the county (condado) of Cumbria.
We don't celebrate Epiphany ( 6th January).We call Epiphany Twelth Night but children don't receive presents from the three Wise Men.
The three Wise Men ( = los tres reyes magos)visit houses in Spain, Latin countries and Italy to give presents.
We celebrate Christmas Day on the 25th December.
The children open the presents on Christmas Day. The presents are under the Christmas tree in the living room.
We celebrate lunch on Christmas Day with the family: we eat roast turkey with vegetables. We have Christmas pudding. We open crackers at the table.

We pull crackers... we eat a lot!
See you tomorrow at school!


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