Tuesday, 29 January 2013

UNIT 4 EXAMSThis week we are going to do unit 4 exams.
 Here are the dates:

Wednesday 30th January:
5ºB 9:30
6ºA 10:30
4ºB  12:00

Thursday 31st January
10:30 4ºA
12:00 5ºA

Friday 1st February
12:00 3ºA

3ºA & 3ºB:  Unit 4 ANIMALS.....They have got feathers, fins, legs, paws, scales, a tail, fur, antennae.....
It can swim. It can fly. It can run.....

4ºA& 4º B: FOOD : There is some bread. There is an orange. There is a banana. There are some apples.
 Peel, mash, cut, pour away the water, add the butter.....

5ºA & 5º B : FOOD : how much / how many. PRESENT SIMPLE  ( negative & affirmative).  Verbs : need, grow, plant, eat....
 ( NO VOY A EXAMINAR to be going to con 5º A & B)

6º A & 6º B: PRESENT SIMPLE ( negative, affirmative, interrogative), CAN, HAVE GOT, IS/ are MADE OF.... plastic, metal, wood, glass, wax, paper...cut, tear, crush, mash, fold.........

Click on the link  TEST PREPARATION SHEETS. 

VIDEO for 5th grade : We don't need money to have a good time ( The Subways)



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