Thursday, 7 November 2013

Next week you are going to have unit 2 tests.

 Here is the calendar for the tests:

MONDAY  11th November
9:00 5ºA
10:00 3ºA
12:15 5ºB

TUESDAY 12th November
10:00 3ºB

THURSDAY 14th November
10.00 6ºA
12:15 6ºB

Clink on the link at the side TEST PREPARATION SHEETS

3º A B : I can / I can't smell, see, hear, taste, smell.
Ears, eyes, nose, tongue, fingers, toes, skin.

5ºAB: present simple affirmative, negative & interrogative
 Animals. sleep, live, fly, run, swim, eat.

6ºAB : to be going to + verb ( FUTURE)
I am, you are , he/she/it is, we/they / you are going to + VERB
I am NOT going to, you aren't going to, he isn't going to, we aren't going to, they aren't going to
Am I going to sleep? Are you going to listen? Is he going to do the homework? Is she going to write?
Are we going to read? Are they going to look at the teacher?
TV programmes.
The time: half past, quarter past, quarter to, 10 past, 5 past, 20 past, 25 past, 25 to, 20 to, 10 to and 5 to....


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