Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Welcome to the new school year 2014/2015

Welcome to the autumn term!

This term we are going to.....

CELEBRATE HALLOWE'EN  ( 28th to 30th October)    ( October 31st is a bank holiday)

25 students selected from 6ºA and 6ºB are going to spend a week in Solanillos, MAZARETE, GUADALAJARA with 25 students from a school in Andalucia  (Sunday 9th to Saturday 15th November).

The 25 students are going to practise ENGLISH for a WEEK with native speakers in a rural hostel completely FREE ( =no cost).

Click here to have a look at the website of the hostel where we are going.

Here is a video of kids from CEIP Portus Blendium, Galicia who visited this centre.


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