Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Today was hot hot hot hot!! On Sunday it was HOTTER!

I am here next to my computer drinking TEA. English people LOVE tea!

I talked to some parents today, I helped a teacher prepare for an exam (oposición en inglés) and I organised the English classroom.

What did you do today?

This afternoon I am going to go to Xanadú to the bookshop with Carlota and José. We are going to buy 2 books : one for Carlota and one for José. Carlota likes Gerónimo Stilton.

I am reading a book called " El Profesor" by the Irish author Frank McCourt ( the author of "Las cenizas de Ángela". Frank McCourt is a teacher. I read in Spanish to make my Spanish better.

What books do you like?

I also want to look at clothes in the SALES (las rebajas) in 2 or 3 shops.

I would like a new dress!

Next Friday ( 8th July) we are going to see my family in England. It is nice and cool in England now :) We love to go to England.

I enjoy talking to my Mam and drinking cups of tea. I see my friends too. I like to go for walks by the lakes and the sea and I like to watch the television too. There are lots of NEW TV programmes when I go "home".

Well, no news about the Language Immersion Project for 6th graders yet.

The Comunidad de Madrid said they would let us know by the end of June/ early July: they are LATE!

See you later, alligator!


  1. yeah pam.... today is very hot hot hot hot hot.. uff im hotter.. well i go to the beach YEII!!!!

    bye bye ^^

  2. Lucky you, Enrique. HAve a good time!



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