Sunday, 22 March 2009

Today is Mother's Day in England

Today in England, everyone celebrates MOTHERING SUNDAY ( Mother's Day).

We give flowers and chocolate to Mam today.

It is a Christian festival, and the church has a special Mothering Sunday theme.

My Mam, CHRISTMAS DAY 25th December 2008
Today Pamela thinks of her Mam in England, in Workington

Pamela is from the North of England, 6 hours in car from LONDON.

Mother's Day

Here are two activities for Mother's Day you can download (=bajar) and print.

1. a maze (un laberinto)

2. a wordsearch ( sopa de letras)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Can you bowl?

Today 3ºA and 3ºB went ten pin bowling to Tres Aguas

Norberto and Pamela are the class teachers.
Eva is the P.E. teacher.
Norberto can bowl.
Pamela can't bowl.
Eva can bowl.

Do you like ten pin bowling?
I do.

morrow is Father's Day.

3ºA and 3ºB made Father's Day cards like this. We used white card for the shirt and shiny paper for the tie (corbata)

TOMORROW is Enrique's (3ºB) birthday.
HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY, Enrique!

3ºA. EXAM UNIT 6 MONDAY 23rd March

.......half past, o'clock....
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
I get up
I brush my teeth
I have breakfast
I go to school
I have English
I have Music
I have lunch
I have Maths
I go home
I have tea
I have a shower
I have dinner
I go to bed

Can you say BREAKFAST?
It is difficult!

Let's sing:


En esta canción la cantante quiere decir que su novio no sabe lo que quiere: un momento el dice que "Yes", luego dice "No". En esta canción vemos muchos opuestos en inglés...
(you're = YOU ARE cause = because = porque ) ( 'n' = AND)

Cause you're hot 'n' you're cold ( frío /caliente)
You're yes 'n' you're no ( si / no)
You're in 'n' you're out ( dentro / fuera)
You're up then you're down ( arriba / abajo)
You're wrong when it's right ( equivocado / correcto)
It's black and it's white ( negro/ blanco)
We fight, we break up ( discutimos / rompemos)
We kiss, we make up ( besamos/ hacemos las paces)
You, you don't really want to stay, no you,but ( no quieres ir pero..)
You, but you don't really want to go-o ( tampoco quiere quedarte...)
You're hot 'n' you're cold
You're yes 'n' you're no
You're in 'n' you're out
You're up 'n' you're down

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hello from Pamela!

Welcome to CP Carlos Ruiz ENGLISH blog!!!!!

This blog will be in ENGLISH and you can practise English here in the COMMENTS section.

Today it is hot and sunny. Spring starts on 21st March.
Look at the yellow flowers in my garden.
They are called DAFFODILS in English.

This blog will have different sections:
Homework / Test dates

3ºA- Unit 6 exam will be MONDAY 23rd March

Latest News Here I will add news about you, my students and about events (Hallowe'en, Pancake Tuesday, egg and spoon races, carnival celebrations).


I will mention YOUR NAME if it your birthday

( A section to inspire you to write and practise your English)
Can you write?

Pamela's ROUTINE:

I get up at half past seven.
I have my breakfast at eight o'clock.
I have a shower at half past eight.
I go to school at nine o'clock.
I go to the park at half past four.
I have a cup of tea at half past five.
I go to bed at half past ten.

Can you write YOUR routine???????????

Here are the lyrics for the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 SONG

(See the video)

What time is it?
What time is it?Summertime!
It's our vacation!
What time is it?Party time!
That's right say it loud!
What time is it?Time of our lives! Anticipation!
What time is it?Summertime!
School's out scream and shout!



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