Monday, 16 June 2014


Hello kids!

The school year is almost over. The holidays begin for you on Friday 20th June at 1 o'clock!   WOW!!!!
I have enjoyed teaching you and I hope you enjoyed my classes.
Have a fantastic summer!


Click HERE to see the NEW BOOKS for English for 1º,3º,4º,5º&6º Primary for SEPTEMBER 2014. We used SPARKS for 4 years. 

(We will change 2º books in 2015.) 

Click HERE for a free sample of  a unit from a book. 


If Mam or Dad would like to talk to me,

 I am in the ENGLISH CLASS on MONDAY 23rd JUNE.

Please click HERE and write your name and class.

Have a great time!
Don't forget to practise your Sparks CD Rom during the holidays so you don't forget your English.

You can also use English holiday books.

I recommend these books:


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