Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Happy Easter!In our school we celebrate typical Easter traditions from England

TODAY and TOMORROW we celebrate Easter like in England in CEIP Carlos Ruiz of NAVALCARNERO.

Today the boys and girls of 3ºB decorated eggs.
We used paper,glue,cardboard,toilet rolls and boiled eggs.
We had accidents with 3 eggs.

Tomorrow we are going to have an egg and spoon race at school.
This is typically a race that we play on SCHOOL SPORTS day.

We are going to make Easter cards tomorrow.
In England we give chocolate eggs at Easter. I LOVE chocolate. I like Easter!

We also have an Easter bonnet (a HAT) competition. Look at the boys and girls here. They are from a typical school in the U.K.
My mother makes an Easter bonnet every year. My mother buys Easter eggs for her grandchildren.

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