Monday, 13 February 2012

Here are the dates for the next exams for UNIT 5

Here are the dates for the next exams.
We usually need 10-12 lessons per unit to teach the grammmar structures and the vocabulary.


3ºA Wednesday 14th march
3ºB : Tuesday 13th March

4ºA: Monday 12th March

5ºA: Tuesday 13th March
5ºB: Monday 12th March

6ºA: Tuesday 13th March
6ºB: Tuesday 13th March

This term finishes on Thursday 29th of March.
It is vital that you speak in class to get a pass (=suficiente). It is very important that you demonstrate that you CAN use the vocabulary and structures that we learn.

For all the reports, I evaluate :

a) participation in class: speaking in English : correct use of the grammar
b) understanding of English
c) attitude to English
d) homework
e) Activity book
f) test results
g) pronunciation

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