Thursday, 15 March 2012

Only 2 weeks until the Easter holidays!

We finished the exams for Unit 5. Great!!!
We worked hard and studied hard this term. We did units 3, 4 and 5 of Sparks.

TODAY ++++++:
Now we are going to start Unit 6. We are going to have 5-7 lessons before the holidays.
We are going to celebrate "Culture Week" at school.
You are going to have the exams for Unit 6 probably 23rd/24th April.
The exams are going to be approximately:
Unit 6: 19/20th April
Unit 7 : 17/18th May
Unit 8: 14/15th June

IMPORTANT: 6º A & B: Prueba CDI 6º Ed. Primaria: 7-11th May 2012.

Remember to practise English with your CD Rom.
The CDRom is very good for practising LISTENING.

Your parents can make an appointment with me to talk about you. Click here on the LINK.

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