Tuesday, 29 April 2014

UNIT 7 TESTS.....And..Have a good long weekend!


Tomorrow we begin a long weekend.

 There is no school on Thursday nor Friday. Enjoy relaxing at home!

There is a medieval market in El Álamo. It is going to be fun!

There are only 8 weeks of school until the summer holidays. This is a short term.
In this term we are going to study units 7 and 8 in our English books.

  • UNIT 7 TEST : 5-9th MAY
  • UNIT 8 TEST 4-9th JUNE
  • We are going to finish the books on the 5th June. 
  • From 9-20th June, we are going to have 5 classes and we are going to review the book.

Next week, you are going to have UNIT 7 English tests.
Here are the dates:
Have you got a cow in your bedroom too?
 Monday 5th May: 10:00 3ºA

Tuesday 6th May : 12:15 5ºA  13:15 5ºB

Thursday 8th May: 11:00 3ºB

Monday 12th May: 13:15 6ºB

Wednesday 14th May: 10:00 6ºA

Click on the link to TEST PREPARATION SHEETS to download the sheets to help you.

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