Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hi kids!

Hi kids!

Today I saw classes 3rdA, 4thA, 5thB,6thA and 5thA.

Here's a song by the black-eyed peas to help you with the DAYS OF THE WEEK.

(Pea= guisante. black-eyed = que tiene como un ojo negro.)
Este grupo de música se llama realmente " Los guisantes con el ojo negro". Hahaha!!! :)

(MINUTE 3:00)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Friday, Saturday, Saturday and Sunday
We know what we do
We know what we say
Party every day
P-P-P- party every day

Tonight's gonna be a good night......
(Tonight's gonna be a good day.....)

All the people learned this dance. They did the dance in Chicago for a television programme as a surprise. ( mira la cara de la lo esperaba). Chicago is a fantastic city in the North of the U.S.A.

Look at the kids. Can you dance this dance?

See you tomorrow!

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