Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Peace One Day 2010

Today is Peace One Day 2010.
Peace Day One is the idea of Jeremy Giller.
Every year 192 countries that form UNITED NATIONS celebrate peace.

At noon ( 12:00) there is one minute of silence.

There is a ceasefire for 24 hours (= un alto al fuego).
Doctors vaccinate children in countries at war.
Organisations take food to people in countries at war.

There are music concerts for peace around the world.
There are friendly football matches.

Here is JAMES MORRISON. He is singing " Peace perfect peace" in the Peace One Day concert 2007:

Here are the LYRICS: Es una canción sencilla y muy bonita . Traduzco únicamente lo que pienso que es difícil
Peace perfect peace
I cry for peace in this neighbourhood (= vecindad)
Love perfect love
I beg you for love (=os pido amor)
in this neighbourhood
The water can't cool the fire (= el agua no puede enfria el fuego)
Only the Lord can save us (=solamente nos puede salvar Dios)
I take one look inside and this is what I see
We need more love in this* community

(* puede ser this o my)

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  1. Hi, Pamela, I am Maria de 4 º A. I really like your blog



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