Friday, 29 October 2010

We celebrated Hallowe'en today at school

Today we celebrated HALLOWE'EN in Carlos Ruiz Public School.
We had lots of fun with the games: apple bobbing, the secret box and "put the spoon on the witch" and "put the top on the pumpkin".
Lola and the students (parents) of 6ºB prepared food for a 6th grade party. What a fantastic idea! Lola gave me the websites for recipes for Hallowe'en food.
Maybe some of you are going to have a HALLOWE'EN PARTY this weekend? Here are the excellent websites she gave me:

Click on this link for merengues and galletas como dedos.

Click on this link for bizcocho de calabaza y galletas.

Click n this link for muchas recetas.

Click here to go to

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