Monday, 17 October 2011


Click on this link to get the TEST PREPARATION SHEETS for 3º, 4º, 5º and 6º. You can open, download & save and print the documents.
I am going to put all the test preparation sheets here for you for ALL THE TESTS.

6ºB, 6ºA: UNIT 1 test on Thursday 20th October
3ºA : UNIT 1 test on Thursday 20th October
5ºB 5ºA :UNIT 1 test on Friday 21st October

4ºA : UNIT 1 test on Monday 24th October
4ºB 3ºB : UNIT 1 test on Tuesday 25th October

We are preparing for Hallowe'en in school.

THIS WEEK we are going to make:

3rd grade:
in ENGLISH: a family tree for vampires ( 3ºA)
a family tree for witches and wizards ( 3ºB)

With our class tutor: haunted houses

4th grade:
in ENGLISH : a haunted town (4ºA)
a haunted house (4ºB)

with our class teacher: spells (4ºA)

5th grade:
with Ana Belén: headstones for a cemetry and body parts with bloody labels.

6th grade:
with Mariví: film posters for horror films
in ENGLISH: we are going to describe ( he is wearing/she is wearing) the clothes that famous people wear to the film premières.

We are going to learn songs, raps and chants:
3rd grade: a Hallowe'en chant: Black cats, black bats, black hat, witches, ghosts, Hallowe'en!!
4th grade: 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate
5th grade: Trick or treat rap
6th grade: Ghostbusters!

Next week we are going to make masks:
3rd grade: BATS
4th grade: CATS
5th grade: VAMPIRES
6th grade: MUMMIES

We are going to celebrate Hallowe'en in school on FRIDAY 28th OCTOBER.
Don't forget an apple and come in fancy dress!

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