Thursday, 3 November 2011


Today is Thursday 3rd November.

November is the 11th month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars.
November has 30 days.
The name November is from the Latin word novem = 9.

In Australia, November is in spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

In Spain , November is in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here in Navalcarnero it rained in the morning. Now it is sunny.

In November we are going to learn about...............

3rd grade:
Vocabulary:the 5 senses: verbs- see, hear, smell, taste, feel; nouns-eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin
Structure: CAN / CAN'T

4th grade:
Structure: Present continuous : I am playing, he is playing, they are playing.....

5th grade:

Vocabulary: ANIMALS , habitats, movement, characteristics: wild animals, working animals, pets.
Structures: Present simple- does it fly? Yes it does, no it doesn't. Has it got? yes it has, no it hasn't

6th grade:
Television programmes: news, documentaru, series, sports, comedy, films, advertisements, cartoons.
Structure: Immediate future: TO BE GOING TO

UNIT 2 exam is going to be on THURSDAY 24th November or FRIDAY 25th November.

PARENTS: Para reunirse conmigo, accede al WIKI ( ver enlaces) e indicala fecha y hora que más le convenga.

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