Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Happy holidays kids!

Hello kids!

Happy Christmas!


Tomorrow we are going to have the last lessons of 2011! Hurray!!!!!

For the last lesson,we always do Christmas activities.

During the holidays PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLAY with the CDROM for Units 1, 2 and 3. You can also play with the CDROM from last year.
.....For example, if you are a student in 4º, you can play the CDROM for 3º AND for 4º.
If you are a student in 5º, you can play the CD ROM for 4º and 5º.
If you are a student in 6º, you can play the CDROM for 5º and 6º.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to PRACTISE English during the holidays. You are going to practise SPANISH every day because you are going to talk and listen and read in Spanish.
PLEASE listen to the CDROM, play the games and sing the songs!

You can also watch the TV in English with subtitles.
There is one student in 6ºB who watches the television in English and he is very good at English!!!


3ºAB : Activity Book pages 86 and 87
4ºA: Activity Book , pages 86 and 87
5ºAB : Activity Book, page 86, activity 1, page 87, activity 1
6ºAB: ACtivity book, page 86

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